The first product of the HiPhi brand is the HiPhi X electric full-size crossover SUV. The vehicle is equipped with "NT Doors"access system, dual redundant L3 self-driving, 360-degree encircled panoramic driving environment perception system, large passenger screen, equipped with PML programmable intelligent headlight system +ISD intelligent interactive lamps.

With 562 sensors on the HiPhi X, the vehicle became the first mass-produced vehicle with a 5G-V2X communication network. HiPhi cars are equipped with Human Oriented Architecture (HOA) developer-endabled electrical architecture, which can adapt to and solve various problems to enhance user experience.

HiPhi X is equipped with 4 domain controllers and 6 computing platforms, using data analysis engines and cloud computing to analyze information and make decisions.

The HOA function on the HiPhi X can achieve synchronization between people, vehicles and the environment. The body of the HiPhi X is made of a mixture of steel and aluminum and can seat up to six occupants. HiPhi vehicles also support V2X communication.


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